Dressing rooms design ideas and bedroom design with dressing room 2022


| 14/12/2021


The Dressing room design has become one of the basic designs when choosing an interior design for modern homes. Regardless of the size of the home in terms of breadth or narrowness, modern designs help to exploit any space unexpectedly.

So the dream of having a private dressing room has become an achievable dream, and with a tidy designer, any space of the home can be transformed into a highly organized and arranged dressing room.





The importance of dressing rooms design

The dressing room has become no less important than the bedroom; it even allows adding decorations to the bedroom as a substitute for the wardrobe, as the large size wardrobe moves from the bedroom to the dressing room, whether the room is separate or connected to the bedroom.

Dressing rooms also help to maintain the arrangement and organization of the rest of the rooms in the home, so they are the only place in which to take off and replace clothes, and for this, they help eliminate the chaos in the bedroom.

It also helps to organize clothes and shoes and arrange them according to the times of their wearing or the times they are needed, and for this, it reduces the period of choosing clothes and the trouble to search for invisible pieces, as all the contents of the room appear clearly.

When designing dressing rooms, the design is appropriate to the size of the items that need to be arranged and organized, and this must be taken into account in their design in order to accommodate all purposes without chaos, and therefore the organization of the room must include the following:

1- Units for arranging “internal” cotton clothes.

2- Socks Regulating Units.

3- Home clothes organizing units.

4- Special units for hanging classic clothes and others for casual clothes.

5- Units for organizing classic and sports shoes.

6- Drawers for organizing accessories “watches, necklaces, earrings, perfumes”.

Dressing room designs may expand to include units for keeping large travel bags, organizing covers and furnishings, as well as keeping small pillows and perhaps small seats, and this can be added to the dressing room designs with large areas.





Latest dressing room designs 2022

The pace of decoration designs is accelerating continuously, so every day many designs come out of mind and breathtaking, and because changing or renovating the home décor is a matter of a lot of time, effort, and money, it is necessary to choose the dressing rooms design with elegant designs suitable for any time.

In this case, a specific design style can be chosen without merging more than one design, so that each design retains its elegance, and among the best design patterns that can be chosen from:

Classic rooms: They are those that consist of large size wardrobes, rising from floor to ceiling, with large mirrors using almost the size of a wall, and in the middle, there can be many seats, it is also used to store shoes or bags, and the most common colors in classic rooms are brown and gold.

Wooden rooms: It is a room consisting of wood from its floor to the ceiling, the floor is made of wood, the clothes are wooden units, as well as the wooden or wooden ceiling, and this type of room is suitable for the intermediate tastes between classic and modern.

They reflect the classic character of wood, but often take light and calm colors such as white and pink, which makes them close to the modern character, while the mirrors are used separately and are not added to the wall or storage units.

Modern rooms: They are rooms where wood is used to a lesser degree than the previous two types, so the use of wood is limited to the main ribs in the room, and the shelves and drawers maybe glass or metal.

Even the room door or partition barrier is made of coated glass, and the most common color in the design of modern dressing rooms is gray, which can be combined with white, and this type of room is suitable for modern homes.





Bedroom design with dressing room

Some people may want to combine a bedroom design with a dressing room not to shorten the space used in both, but they may want to feel private, especially if the two rooms are for one person.

In this case, a bedroom with a dressing room can be designed in two ways:

Open room:

And there is a dressing room open to the bedroom and there is no barrier or door between them and the dressing area may be in one of the corners of the room or facing the room furniture.

In both cases, most clothing arrangement units are closed, or boxes of different sizes are used to arrange the items so that all items are invisibly organized so that there is no messy look while dressing or taking off clothes.


Closed room:

It is a room that is designed separately from the bedroom, or an interior while maintaining a door or partition that separates it from the room, which gives a degree of privacy while wearing or replacing clothes and any design with open or closed storage units can be chosen without being restricted to an organization style that preserves the shape of the room.





Multi-use dressing room design

This type of room is the most crowded among the dressing rooms design, it needs large spaces that allow all details to be applied, and it is a type of luxury room that can only be found in luxury hotel suites, palaces, and luxury homes.

Space is not the only important element in designing a multi-use dressing room, but also the significant cost; the room may include all the following:

Wardrobe: It is the main part of the room, which takes the most space in it, so it is divided between units for arranging clothes, shoes, bags, and even furnishings and covers, and the wardrobe can swallow at least half the room’s space.

Attached bathroom: Of course, it is a non-main bathroom, so it is only for quick showering, so instead of moving between the bathroom and the dressing room, it will be directly wearing the clothes without any trouble.

Massage bed: It is a part that expresses the luxury of the dressing room, as it transforms from just a room to change clothes to a room to change the whole psychological state, and also raise the energy of the body and give it vital, after a warm shower and before wearing clothes, you can undergo a comfortable massage session, then wear clothes and go out with all energy and vitality.

– Relaxation chair: This is used to relax while wearing skincare masks, or at times of nail and foot care, there will be no need to leave the room, everything is available in it.

Makeup organizer: It is an important part added to the dressing room, where the individual enters the room in preparation for the exit, leaving it in the final body without the need to move between the dressing room and the bedroom. The makeup organizer includes skincare tools and cosmetics, as well as a hair straightener or hairdryer and other personal care equipment and tools.

The multi-use dressing room is the dream room in the literal sense of the word; it is a separate kingdom and a free-standing life within the four walls.

Laundry room design

There are many options for combining rooms in modern designs, which allow the use of any space in a way that serves daily use. For example, there is a possibility to combine a living room with a dining room design.

Or combine a dining room with an open kitchen, and other methods of combining designs, which make one space shared between more than one design, which is the same in designing changing rooms, where it can be combined with a lot of designs.

You can add a lot of designs to the dressing room, as it can be combined with the laundry room, so as to preserve the room’s elegance, so the addition is to specify a special place for the clothes collection that is not clean, which is within the basic storage units.

With the addition of a side door with washing machines and dryers which also became stylish designs no less than the elegance of the wardrobe; so there is no harm in even adding them outwardly to the dressing room, but only if the dressing room is separate from the bedroom.

Small dressing room design

Dressing room design has become security for many people, even those who do not have enough room to design the room, but the love of organizing and arranging clothes is their motivation for designing the room, which is easily achievable by choosing the right design.

You can design a small dressing room in which to use an empty space attached to the bedroom or convert a corner of the room to a separate dressing room, and in this, we offer the simplest designs for the dressing rooms in small sizes:

Oblique design: It is suitable for rooms with an inclined ceiling, and the inclined part is not sufficiently exploited, in this space it is possible to design a separate room consisting of drawers and organizers suitable for the inclined area, with the addition of a sliding door to be a separate dressing room.

Exploitation of balconies: In bedrooms with limited spaces, the attached balconies can be used and converted into a dressing room, if there are other ventilation sources for the room other than the balcony, and the clothing units are finely fragmented to make the best use of the balcony area.

Partition barrier: It is an ideal application for multiple- use, and is suitable for narrow spaces, as clothes organizers can be used to separate the bedroom and the lounge chairs inside it. The back of the bed is attached to the wardrobe, which in turn is facing chairs or sofa to relax in the bedroom. This shape gives the room more room and capacity to accommodate many things.

– Longitudinal wardrobe: The best type of wardrobe that can be used in small spaces is the long wardrobes, which start from the floor and reach the ceiling while maintaining a limited width to shorten the space, which allows organizing the largest number of objects in the lowest possible space.





Large dressing room design

When designing large dressing rooms, they are often separate from the bedroom, such as by having an entrance adjacent to the bedroom, or separated by an internal door, in order to need a large dressing room that accommodates the size and number of clothes.

And it is also often a common space between more than one individual, so that it can accommodate all purposes, and the ideal designs for the large space are those that take the shape of the letter U, so they are three-sided, and each side contains a group of storage units and shelves.

An additional seat or a table in the middle is added to the room, which is used for a variety of purposes:

1- Center tables are used as small drawer units for keeping accessories and skincare tools.

2- It can be used to store shoes by designing vacuum units from all sides, in which shoes and bags are organized side by side.

3- Small mirrors can be added to make up makeup, or to save all skin and body care products.

4- It can be used to store perfumes or add decorative pieces only.

5-The seat can be added in place of the table, which helps to wear shoes comfortably or rest while choosing clothes.

6- It is possible to add small storage units for the seat, especially for keeping shoes so that they are far from the rest of the clothes, so the clothes are not affected by their smell.





Ideas to organize and arrange dressing rooms

The dressing room’s design idea may be an idea that can be applied easily by defining the sizes of the room and defining the design elements, but the ability to maintain the organization of the room remains the most important aspect.

For the room to be permanently clean and tidy, its contents must be organized in advance, and many ideas can help in this organization. Here are a few ideas that have already proven their ability to perfectly organize the contents of the room:

1- Using boxes of different sizes that suit every purpose. Boxes can be used to save and organize shoes, or save summer clothes in the winter and back, or save accessories.

2 – Organizing a separate unit for a day out clothing, so the pants or the lower parts are hanging at the bottom, and the upper pieces are hanging at the top, and a top-shelf can be added to place the bags, and at the bottom is a special drawer for the shoes, so that the morning clothes can be worn very easily.

3- The use of tractor units, which are suitable for exploiting small spaces. A bedroom with a dressing room can be designed by using one corner of the bedroom by designing the tractor units.

4- Using gradient to organize clothes, whether gradient in colors or sizes, so the arrangement of clothes is from longest to shortest, or the arrangement of colors from dark to light, this helps to find pieces of clothing easily, without causing chaos and wasting time.





Dressing room design with tidy designer

Because a tidy designer works for the convenience of his clients, it is also prepared for all the details that help in designing the dressing room, providing designs in different sizes, as well as many tools to add the precise details to the dressing room.

Now you can easily login through the website of tidy designer and then use the distinctive design program that provides you with the best ideas and tools used in designing the changing rooms or other interior rooms.

To design the room, several important elements must be identified in order for the design to come out in the best way:

Determine the space of the room: whether the room belongs to the bedroom or a separate room, or it is just an empty part that can be exploited, and the empty space can be photographed to determine a suitable design for it.

Determine the type of material: whether the wood is natural color or a different color, or from glass, or a design that combines wood and glass, where the shelves and units are divided as appropriate to the material used in the application of the design.

Determine the material of the floor: a lot of floors are used in the dressing rooms, such as porcelain and parquet, or carpeted, although the most elegant is parquet, as it suits the design of the changing rooms of various types.

Determine the light sources: If the room is connected to natural lighting, you will not need many lighting sources, and the fully enclosed dressing rooms need more than one light source, especially inside the clothes organizing units, which gives a unique elegance to the room.

When selecting all the previous elements, the final dressing room design will be more than wonderful, and internal changes can be made by organizing and arranging the contents in different ways, allowing frequent room changes.