Technology is developing at
a speedy rate.
Chapter One

In 2018, the founding partners Waleed Kabli and Yousef AlAbbasi were looking for a professional interior designer who could meet their needs and desires in creating unique and distinctive designs and it took a long time. From here it was discovered that there is a demand for interior design services with a shortage of designers.

We began the journey, investigating the possibility of using updated technology to create interior designs easily and conveniently. The focus was on the main goal, which is to enable anyone to create the appropriate design from anywhere at any time. After two years of preparation and continuous work, the Tidy Designer website was launched.
We look forward to being the first choice in interior design and decoration services.
Waleed Kabli : Co-founder / COO
Transforming passion into creativity

We provide you with the tools to create an interior design plan by yourself. With us for sure, you save time and money. We devised a new way to obtain offers of services and products from Vendors. With us, it’s difficult to buy an overpriced product or service!
We work with perfection in providing the highest quality and splendid.
Yousef AlAbbasi : Co-founder / CFO
We believe technology has no limits and little of technology has been discovered only.