Last updated September 14th, 2021

1- What is the Tidy Designer?

Tidy Designer is a website and application that offer interior design and decor services by giving the user opportunity to create the appropriate design with many features, options, and in an easy way.

Tidy Designer page on Maroof website approved by Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia: https://maroof.sa/94558


2- Is there a free trial work?

Yes, there are 7 days of a free trial. We do not require your payment credentials for the free trial.


3-  What are the best browsers to use for the Tidy Designer website?

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari.


4- How can I access Tidy Designer?


IOS app

Android app


5- What devices do I need to start using the tidy designer website and/or application?

Computers. Tablets or mobile devices.


6- Can I request and use the design service from anywhere from a tidy designer?



7- What are the advantages of design services available in a tidy designer?

Flexible plans.

Competitive prices.

An unlimited number of designs (Monthly and Yearly subscription only).

Mobile application.

Save Designs and send them by email.

10 Support languages.

Sync devices.

Customer service.

Special discount for a friend.

Exclusive offers.


8- What are the steps to start using the design service from a tidy designer?

Inter the website, Registration, Select the right subscription, Pay the fee (we will send the invoice details to your email), after that, you can sign in via the website and/or app. and start enjoying the design.


9- Where can I find the email confirmation code or any other email sent from Tidy Designer?

When creating a new account through the tidy designer website an email confirmation code will be sent, kindly check your inbox or spam mail, to ensure that email is received on your inbox simply add our email: (admin@tidydesigner.com) to the email address book on your email browser or add the domain: (tidydesigner.com) to your whitelist.


10- Can I change my email address registered with a tidy designer?

Yes, it is possible, by signing into your account through the tidy designer website, then clicking on profile, then clicking on change email, and completing the authentication steps.


11- What payment methods are available in Tidy Designer?

Electronic payment (Mada – Visa – MasterCard).

For the recurring deduction, online payment is through (Visa or MasterCard).


12- How can I Design?

You can design easily as following:

Take the measurements by device camera or enter them manually.

Follow the guided steps.

Choose the accurate details for both type and size for doors – windows – air conditioning – heating – electrical sockets – flooring – walls – ceiling – lighting – Interior finishing – colors – furniture and all related to the design location.

You can move between 2D and 3D design.


13- After finishing the design, can I modify it?

Yes, you can modify the design, once you save the design, it will be automatically sent to your e-mail.


14- Can I work on the design while the application is offline?

Yes, you can work on downloaded designs offline.


15- What should I do to cancel the Recurring subscription (monthly or yearly) to the design service?

Enter the website, log in to your account, profile, request to cancel the monthly or yearly subscription before two business days of the end of the current subscription.


16- What is the affiliate marketing program for the design services and how can I get benefit from it?

Registration in the affiliate marketing program is free, a promotional process carried out by the Marketer who gets a commission in return (as per membership level) After completing the sale process that was done by the same user, you can view the details of an affiliate marketing program by clicking on Contact Us


17- How can I communicate with Tidy Designer?

You can contact us by click on Contact Us