Ideas for a beautiful home interior designs, design your dream home with simple ideas


| 24/11/2021

The interest in getting a beautiful home interior design is always more than the exterior home design, simply because of the desire to have a comfortable indoor environment suitable for home residents.

Any family or any person who wants to design a home will only search for its comfort, especially if the home is an apartment in a residential complex or high-rise building. The design of the house from the outside does not concern him with anything, while every interior detail provides him with comfort and privacy.




Choose a beautiful home interior design with a tidy designer

If you are looking for a beautiful home interior design, then this tidy designer will show you the best ideas you can get for dream home design, where the tidy designer is interested in all the details that you can think of.

The dream home does not need as much money as it needs a lot of ideas that can be applied, a beautiful and comfortable homes are those that were designed with a focus on the finest details and not to exaggerate the decoration and cost.

Here are the most important tips for choosing a beautiful home interior design from the most appropriate cost and best shape:

1- Choose wall colors that suit all times, especially those that are in keeping with modern designs with various updates.

2- Choose neutral carpet colors that can be suitable for more than one room and places can be changed and give changes from time to time.

3- Choose dark furniture colors to keep them from stains, or furniture of easy-to-clean material such as leather.

4- Diversification between the style of furniture inside the home, so it is possible to use large pieces with wide and narrow seats, and the diversification between seats with wooden and metal legs.

5- Arrange the furniture with the carpets according to the size of the carpet and the area of the room, in terms of placing the furniture on the side of the carpet or arranging it away from the carpets.

6- Some types of rugs can be used to cover the floor in children’s rooms in the winter, in colors that suit the design and decoration of the children’s bedroom.

7- For kitchens, it will be better to choose between the best alumetal kitchen designs for modern homes or wooden kitchen designs for homes with classic designs.

8- It is necessary to make room for the use of large glass windows, as it is one of the most important details that help in obtaining a beautiful home interior design.

9- Attention to diversification between lighting sources, for every room needs a different type and source of lighting than others, it is necessary to consider choosing the appropriate lighting source for each room to show its details in the best way.



The best interior design of the entrance of the home attracts attention

The first thing that draws the attention of the guests when entering the house is the entrance of the home, which indicates from first sight the design of the interior design of the home, whether it is modern decor or traditional classic, so the design of the entrance of the home must be compatible with the rest of the rooms.

And if you are looking for the latest interior design of the entrance of the home, you can apply some wonderful and simple ideas, it can be applied easily and give the home a luster and elegance:

Quiet colors: whether the entrance of the home is broad or narrow, the use of quiet colors reflects the atmosphere of luxury suitable for modern designs, and of course the quiet colors, especially white, help to expand the narrow spaces, so the entrance appears more spacious.

Delightful decorations: With quiet colors, it will be nice to use simple, delightful decorations that give vitality and energy to the entrance, so you can use brightly colored ceramic pieces, landscape paintings, or add shade plants in the corner of the entrance.

Furniture suitable for the size of the entrance: In narrow halls, we do not exaggerate using mirrors of large sizes. Small round mirrors can be used, and small shelves are adjacent to them. In large areas, it is enough to place mirrors of appropriate size with two side seats at a size appropriate to the area.

– Elegant and soft flooring: the elegance of the entrance of the home is a guide to its internal elegance, and therefore must be taken into account the choice of the elegant floor that highlights the beauty of designs, and of course the wooden floors are the best for modern homes, then white marble with narrow areas.

Simple furnishings: Do not exaggerate the use of expensive or large-sized carpets. It is enough to use small size carpets with a choice of distinctive shape and color that fits the decoration, such as circular or square carpets in colors such as gray, black, or white.



Ideas for designing a wonderful reception room

When designing a large home or designing a small home from the interior, it is necessary to pay special attention to the design of the reception room, in order to be a comfortable place in terms of colors and decor, as well as the furniture itself.

It is common in the cries of modern designs to combine furniture, decor, and wall colors, but considering a kind of compatibility and balance, whether in colors or materials, and this can be implemented through the following ideas:

– Walls with distinctive designs: the unification of colors and designs of the walls is no longer appropriate with modern designs, so a quiet color can be used for the walls, with a large glass window, and a wall of various solid materials such as stones or modern gypsum forms.

Various pieces of furniture: A large and generous sofa can be used for long periods of time so as not to overburden the guests, and with seats with upright and metal legs, it gives the room a different look and is suitable for sitting for short periods.

– Decorations to combine designs: Consider choosing decorations that help to combine the diversity of designs in the walls and furniture, so the decorations are the link between the two, so an old-style fireplace can be added, with shade plantations behind the sofa, and transparent glass vases, all of this is sufficient to combine the most sophisticated styles and take out More than wonderful shape.

The best methods to design guest bathrooms

When choosing a beautiful home interior design, it would be nice to specify an area suitable for the design of the guest bathrooms, as it is the most part that should be added to the home whether the space is small or large, it protects the privacy of the home, and also removes the embarrassment for guests when using the bathroom.

– Designing large guest bathrooms

Large spaces allow creativity and choice of designs to be freely allowed, so any necessary details can be added to the guest bathrooms, so you can add bathroom pieces of appropriate sizes, use the marble sinks, and close them from the bottom with storage units.

You can also add top units for toiletries, shelves for cotton towels, and others for paper towels while adding furniture pieces in the middle of the large area, all of which suit modern and classic tastes with a difference of colors between warm and light.

– Designing small guest bathrooms

When designing a bathroom in a small space, each centimeter can be well utilized, by choosing bathroom pieces of small sizes, the storage units under the sink can be dispensed and replaced with small units above and using a small unit to save the cotton and paper towels.



The best modern living room designs

The living room is a free space for family members, and therefore it must meet all the criteria that ensure the greatest comfort. When choosing modern living room designs, care should be taken in choosing comfortable furniture and pleasant colors.

Therefore, it is preferable to consider the following when choosing a design:

Comfortable sofas: In the living room, individual seats can be dispensed with. The most important thing that should be used is comfortable seats. Hence, wide sofas are the most comfortable, allowing them to sit, relax, or even sleep.

– Dirt-resistant materials and colors:

– Walls in cheerful colors: While it is not preferable to use light-colored furniture, it is better to use light and cheerful colors for the walls, it gives the room a better and more pleasant and vibrant look, especially if the choices are between white and green, or gray and blue, or gray and yellow.

– Simple decorations: There is no need to use complicated décor or large sizes, so let the room breathe and allow individuals the freedom to move. Only murals can be used for decoration.



The best of modern and elegant dining room designs

The creativity of modern designs in dining rooms, in particular, the dining area has become the most elegant and beautiful among the rooms of the home, whether it is a dining room singly or integrated with the living room or integrated with the kitchen, you can choose a more wonderful design for it.

Here are the best ways to choose modern, stylish dining room designs suitable for any space:

– Dining room with kitchen:

It is the easiest choice to get a beautiful home interior design, as the dining room will be closed to the kitchen as well as the dining table, which increases the ability to arrange the rest of the rooms comfortably and without restricting the specific design of the kitchen, which must appear in an orderly manner if the kitchen is open.

And if the dining room is the same for receiving guests, it can be chosen elegant and simple at the same time, to fit the design of the kitchen and suit the reception of guests at the same time, and it is wonderful to have a wooden table from oak or the like, with seats with metal or wooden legs.

Dining room opening to the hall:

In this case, the dining room needs a special arrangement that fits with the contents of the hall. If the hall is just an entrance to the house, then an integrated dining room can be chosen with all the units attached to it and in a large size, if the area allows this.

If the dining room is open to the hall for reception of guests, it will be necessary to take into account the coordination of colors with the colors of the reception room, in order for the two rooms to be like one piece in terms of coordination, but they are two separate pieces at the same time. 

Dining room with kitchen and sitting room:

One of the most sophisticated and elegant designs at the same time, modern decorations in living room designs with a dining table give the house a unique elegance, whether it is a small or large area, the small spaces in which the kitchen determines adjacent to the wall, and the dining table is facing it or part of it, and finally, the living room Which consists of small and limited furniture.

As for the large areas, they give room for applying different ideas, such as that the L-shaped kitchen is provided by a dining table, and in front of them is a dining table, and in a sufficient space, the pieces of the living room furniture are organized, so that there is a compatibility between all the contents of the spacious room.




Modern and comfortable bedroom designs

The most characteristic of modern bedrooms is that choosing modern designs does not in any way affect comfort, relaxation, and deep sleep. Every change relates to the type of wood, the shape of the beds, or the decor and colors of the room, but in the end, the size of the beds and pillows does not change and can be chosen from any type of comfortable and healthy.

As for choosing the best modern bedroom designs, you can diversify the decors, or change the type of room’s accessories in proportion to the area:

A bedroom with a seating area:

It is the most comfortable design, as the presence of a private sitting area inside the bedroom allows resting any degree in the room without the need to leave to another room, and it also keeps the beds clean and tidy throughout the day.

The seating area can be added to small rooms but uses furniture appropriate to the size of the room, considering the coordination between room colors and the colors of the furnishings and furniture.

A bedroom with a dressing room:

The two rooms can be combined in line with the design of modern bedrooms, where a side dressing room is added or facing the sleeping area, but with a partition between them as a wardrobe or a seating area.

A bedroom with an attached bathroom:

It is what most dream of wishing for the most privacy, especially with the presence of equipment and toiletries in the bathroom, it is possible not to leave the room to enter the bathroom, or not to go into the rooms of the house after the shower.

You can choose a design that fits the space, so there is no need for a bathtub or Jacuzzi in a narrow space and a suitable source of water and traditional bathroom parts is enough.

Of course, all of the above can be combined in one room if space allows it, so all this achieves the greatest degree of privacy, which makes those looking for a beautiful home interior design give up the space of some rooms in order to obtain an integrated bedroom.

Ideas to arrange and organize dressing rooms

When choosing a beautiful home interior design, there will be a private space for changing clothes, whether it is integrated with the bedroom as we mentioned, or be alone and in a private space, and the following are the most important ideas that can help you in organizing the changing rooms in a way that suits the space:

– Ideas for organizing small dressing rooms

Small spaces need creativity to take advantage of, especially if the room will include all the pieces of clothes, shoes, and accessories, so storing those pieces accurately helps to get them easily and without wasting time searching for them, so the room can be organized with the following ideas:

  • The use of storage units with a narrow width and a high height allows the use of the entire wall length with the lowest width
  • At the bottom of the storage unit, small boxes can be used for shoes and bags.
  • Lower drawers can be added to save the accessories, socks, and all the small pieces.
  • At the top, the units are allocated for saving summer or winter clothes, depending on the season.
  • Use of mirrors adjacent to the wall, as it gives a feeling of space.
  • Use mirrors attached to the storage unit if there is no empty wall.

– Ideas for organizing large dressing rooms

Although the large space gives a feeling of freedom in adding anything, it may be a cause of chaos with not all parts arranged appropriately, and to organize the room in the best way the following ideas can be used:

  • Using as many basic storage units as possible allows storing all clothes, upholstery, coats, etc.
  • All storage units are adjacent to the walls, even if the space is large; it is preferable not to overwhelm it with many details in the middle.
  • Part of the wall can be customized for mirrors, so clothing can be worn and prepared in front of it.
  • A special table for cosmetics can be added, to prepare completely in the room.
  • In the case of an attached bathroom preferably sideways and at the entrance to the room so that no wall is wasted in the middle.

In the end, the tidy designer is happy to have helped you choose a beautiful home interior design or helped you to get new ideas for arranging the home.