Learn the latest interior design methods for homes 2022


| 01/12/2021


Many people are looking for the latest interior design methods, whether to design a place for the first time or to renovate and in both cases, it will be necessary to look for a space-appropriate design.

Thus, it will be necessary to search for a professional designer to get a workable interior design, which can be obtained by searching for the best designer or the best interior design company or save time and effort and use the stylish designer tidy designer, a smart application for the design of interior decoration for homes.

How to choose the best interior design company for homes?

Choosing the interior design of homes is not a simple process, especially as some of the decorations may be difficult to change such as decorations of walls and ceilings, and decoration of kitchens and bathrooms, each part is determined from the beginning according to the size and type of furniture.

Therefore, when changing the interior design of the homes it will be necessary to change the furniture and furnishings, and for this reason specifically must choose the best interior design company for homes, which can design modern decorations that challenge time, and commensurate with all future changes, and to choose it must be chosen in the light of the following criteria:

* Have legal records, so as not to fall victim to the scams.

* Have a special archive of the designs that have been implemented, so you know the level of designs that can be presented to you.

* Have a clear pricing policy, you should first know the price before ordering your design, so you can make sure it is right for your budget.

* It should be committed to the implementation times, the completion of the design is linked to the internal implementation process, and the delay in the receipt of the design will necessarily affect the speed of implementation on the ground.

* Consider the comments of previous clients, so you can learn about the pros and cons of dealing with the interior decoration company that you will choose.

If you are looking for the best interior design company for homes, but if you have special plans for decoration and want to design your own interior, you can try dealing with the stylish designer tidy designer, an application that lets you design your own home.

What a tidy designer application?

The tidy designer is one of the newest interior design methods for homes. It is a smart application that specializes in interior design with the latest design tools. You can execute every idea you might think about living room decor, kitchen decor, or anywhere in your home.

And if you have special dreams or creative ideas for decoration you can take them out with the application, the advantages of dealing with the “tidy designer”:

* The application offers the latest home decor designs for all rooms “living, dining, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and many more”.

* It Provides an electronic payment method so you do not need to meet the designer and the delivery of the account and receive the design, the design can be printed after completion.

* It lets you choose a price segment, so you can design within the limits that are right for your budget.

* It has the best way to take sizes; you can enter the sizes manually or photograph the room and enter it into the application so it will automatically determine the sizes.

* It provides 2D and 3D design technology to clearly display all the corners of the decoration.

* It provides all the fine details of the design that can be used in the final design preparation “floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, lighting, gas and electricity installations, and all interior design details”.

The “tidy designer” has taken care to provide all the details of the interior rooms in every detail, any room you may want to design their own decor you will find available on the platform of the tidy designer. One of the most important rooms available: Kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, dressing room, guest room, laundry room, and more than 15 other room types. ”



The latest interior design methods for homes

Finding the latest interior design methods will be the most important step in the implementation of the decoration so getting the result and convincing it may take more time than the implementation of designs on the ground, but the tidy designer will not stand much in the way of decision, it will help you make your decision easier.

The tidy designer offers you a compatible set of the latest interior design methods to achieve a very elegant and comfortable shape for the body and the eye at the same time, the collections are as follows:

– The combination of modernity and heritage: There is no doubt that the return to heritage decorations is a general feature at the present time, you find modern decorations with an old heritage touch, and the application has a role in the design of wall decoration, in particular, some old-style decorations, such as the addition of an arabesque wall, are inserted to separate two pieces in the lobby.

– The multiple decorations of the home: to make each room in the home a special atmosphere that appropriate to its purpose, making the bedroom soft lighting and comfortable paints for the eye and decorations “frame of gypsum or wood” to put pictures or books, and the living room make it noisier to add joy to your times so be colorful colors and decorations appropriate For the room furniture, the same is the case with the rest of the rooms of the house.

– Design an actionable idea: not every interior design you see can be applied to your home, for example, narrow spaces need décor different from large areas, as well as the design of the ground floor decor, is different from the design of the loft.

– No exaggeration in decorations: It is the perfect solution to get a modern home suitable for your needs, exaggeration in the design of the decor may be wonderful in form, but when coexisting amid a lot of decorations may be annoying and uncomfortable to the eye.

These methods may be suitable for you or inappropriate depending on your preferences and interests. Everyone has ideas for decoration stemming from his future vision of the home where he dreams of living in it, so follow the methods that help you choose the latest design that suits you only. Not all the methods are required.



The best Kitchen Designs 2022

The kitchen is one of the most places that need careful and elaborate design, it is a place where women spend most of their time, preparing meals or preparing appetizers and pastries, so the design of the kitchen decor should be compatible with the needs in terms of space and distribution of storage units or kitchen units, some of the best kitchen decorations that help you get things done quickly and easily are:

* Design kitchen units with a length and width that fits perfectly with the kitchen space, so it doesn’t have to narrow the space after installation.

* Design places to hang items such as “food distribution kit, cups, and pan” it helps to organize and get items quickly when needed.

* Design a kitchen table suitable for space, the kitchen table is necessary to prepare food and also eat meals in the kitchen, and for narrow spaces preferably be within the scale of the units of the kitchen units, so that they can be folded and collected after use, while large spaces can be placed in the center of the kitchen.

* Multi-use table design, a modern trend in kitchen designs 2022, especially suitable for open kitchens so kitchen units are adjacent to the wall, and in front of a table of the right size and the table includes a sink, drawers, and can be eaten on them.



Best living room decor designs

The living room occupies an important place among the decorations of the modern home, it is the room where the members of the house spend the longest time, so the decorations must serve the needs of the family, so as not to occupy the space of the room unnecessarily, and the best living room decor designs are the following:

* One of the designs of the living room that is updated every period in terms of form and materials used in the library. There is no living room without a library, whether for books or television screens or for sculptures or rare collections, and the latest designs for the library are those made of glass reinforced with metal pieces.

* Design of sofas or multi-use seats, whether the room space is narrow or large will be useful for the design of multi-use furniture, the main seat can include a large chest of drawers, or add wooden seat cushions include hollow units to save books and magazines.

If the living room is large it will be better to design a separation wall to divide the space into two pieces. Each piece can be furnished with suitable furniture with the use of a suitable separator. If the furniture is modern, it will be suitable with a glass or wooden separator to combine modernity with heritage. If the furniture is classic, it can be separated by half a wall topped with wooden shelves.



Renovation ideas for home décor

Whatever the first ideas for designing a home decor are wonderful and suitable with space, it is natural that the decorations become normal and simple after getting used to them, hence the ideas begin to renew the decor of the house, which is related more to the exterior, renovation is linked to the colors of paints, the type of furnishings and the like, so you can use ideas that help to make a change with less effort and less cost. Here are the ideas of the tidy designer for simple renovation:

– Renovation of the decor of the living room: The room is the most need for change and renovation, it is the most consuming room in the home, most of its contents are used continuously, and to renovate it, will be the most effective change is the color of the furniture if not available to change it, and can add wallpaper color appropriate for the furniture, and better move Some pieces in the room to feel the change.

Renovation of the bedroom decor: Although it is difficult to make a big difference in the bedroom it will be difficult to change the furniture of the room or change its color, but the addition of drawings or patterns on the walls may make a noticeable change, with changing the color of the seats or adding a table if there is adequate space.

Renovation of kitchen decor: Of course it will not be easy to change the kitchen, but the use of colored paper adhesive on the handles of the kitchen units will be a nice change or the use of colored paper for the doors of the units, and it can search for the best kitchen decorations suitable for renovation such as a drawer unit or curtains, and if the sun enters to the kitchen it would be nice to plant leafy plants in the kitchen like mint, rosemary, and thyme.

The interior design of the home with a tidy designer

The basic idea of the tidy designer application is to save effort and money and design a perfect décor. The idea of the application started from the problems facing people who are looking for a professional designer at a reasonable price, and because it is a common problem, the tidy designer tried to overcome it with a successful practical experience.