Living room with dining table design for modern interior homes 2022


| 22/12/2021

The merger of a Living room with a dining table design or an open plan kitchen has become one of the latest methods of designing interior decoration for homes, especially since the merger method is suitable for large and small spaces.
Through the experiences of a tidy designer with compact designs, it has already been proven that it gives the home a suitable space for movement and mobility easily; unlike the rumor that merger restricts movement, so in this article, we will show the latest ways to design compact rooms while maintaining an appropriate space.

Standards to follow when designing a living room

Living room designs or a sitting room design should be a comfortable first-class eye design, as the living room is one of the rooms in which the family lives most of the day, or where guests are received.
Therefore, it must apply special standards to be suitable for various family events or gatherings of friends:
• The colors of the room should be calm, and it is possible to add striking color to one of the walls or pieces of furniture, the quieter the colors, the more comfortable and relaxing.
• It is preferable to use decorations or color-reflective paintings. If the color prevailing in the living room is quiet, then the decoration pieces are stark, and vice versa in the case of using cheerful or stark colors in the furniture and wall colors, it will be necessary for the decorations and paintings to be calm.
• The lighting should be appropriate and reflective of the style of the decor of the living room designs. If the room has large windows that allow a large amount of light to enter, then it will be appropriate to use quiet lighting.
• If you are a fan of bright and cheerful colors, it will be appropriate to choose furniture in more than one color and more than one design, as well as floor furnishings, this gives the place a spirit that radiates energy and vitality.
• If you are a fan of the classics, it is better for the colors of the furniture to be uniform and close to the degree of the colors of the walls, so that they are the sophistication and the luxury required.
All of these standards can be applied with a tidy designer when choosing designs for guest rooms or living rooms, and by using simple design tools you can get the perfect design.

The latest dining room design
Today’s dining room has a more attractive and elegant design, it is not only a wooden dining table around which many chairs are wrapped, or even a glass table with seats of modern design, but the design of the dining room has also become an art that needs careful coordination.

Especially about the Living room with dining table design or dining room with an open plan kitchen design, or the presence of the three in one space, this organization is now popular especially with the areas of small apartments.
Where the place needs to exploit every corner and arrange the furniture in a way that does not get distracted, and this is not impossible, as many designers today are interested in coordinating this type of room, and the most prominent things they care about are the following:
• Choosing the latest designs of Alumetal kitchens when designing a dining room in a modern style. Alumetal designs are in line with modern decorations and furniture.
• Choosing small-size kitchens, increasing the number of storage units or adding side shelves to maintain appearance coordination and no visible crowding in kitchen appliances.
• Choosing dining tables in small sizes and simple designs to avoid crowding the room with large pieces of furniture.
• Choosing effective decorations that affect the small or large spaces, taking into account the style of decoration used in the room.
• The constant advice that everyone repeats is that the colors are calm, which increases the harmony of the furniture and gives a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Living room design with dining table
Thinking about designing a living room with a dining table is an unusual challenge for home décor. If the room is large, the design must be distributed in a balanced way for the furniture to be tidy and not scattered.
In the case of narrow spaces, it is necessary that the choice of furniture is of an appropriate size, and that it be distributed in an orderly manner to create an empty space that allows freedom of movement in the place without obstacles, and therefore it is necessary to search for ideal ways to organize.
Here are some ideas for organizing a living room design with a dining table based on the opinions of global design experts:
1- If the space of the room is narrow and has a window, it is better to have the dining table under the window, and to arrange seating benches next to the walls. Narrow spaces require the exploitation of each wall to expand the blank space in the middle.
2- If the room space is wide, the middle space can be used to arrange the dining table and room furniture side by side, and to use the walls as storage space for bookshelves and wall panels, this gives the room remarkable elegance while maintaining empty spaces that allow freedom of movement.
3- When choosing furniture colors, there should be harmony to increase the elegance of the room, so table seats and living room seats can be chosen with wooden legs, and the choice of seat colors is compatible with the colors of the curtains and the colors of the carpets, and it is sufficient that the colors used are two or three at most.
4- When choosing a wooden floor in the living room, it will be necessary to choose suitable wall colors, such as the use of gray or white, as this gives an opportunity to choose the colors of the furniture freely, as the wooden floor and the quiet walls allow choosing the colors of loud or bright furniture.
5- If the space is narrow or wide, then there must be a large window for the room to take the appropriate amount of ventilation. In the morning, the window lighting is a source that gives energy and vitality, especially if it overlooks a modern or green area.
6- Wooden floors may be an opportunity for fans of dark colors, so you can choose the furniture of the living room and the dining table in a dark color like black or dark gray, with darkening by adding a piece of furniture in white, this design is suitable for fans of calm atmosphere, but of course, this design is suitable for large areas, otherwise it can act as a choke for narrow spaces.
7- The spaces can be used well in the room by making the dining table adjacent to the large sofa; this merges the room furniture in one area while giving room for movement in the rest of the space.
8- Adding a modern look to the design of the living room with the dining table, using eye-catching hanging lighting sources, or the use of stone components in the walls of the room, creates an illusion of a wide area.
9- When choosing wall colors in the Living room with dining table design, neutral and non-glaring colors should be used. For example, white and black can be used, or brown and green, hence, the harmony of colors attracts attention without blurring the eyes.
10- If you want to add joy and hustle to the room, then you can only add a colorful lighting source, bright furniture, or use benches with wooden legs, this works to harmonize the colors without exaggeration.

The best decorations when designing a living room with a dining table
Choosing decorations that fit a Living room with a dining table design is just as important as the design itself. Simple decorations may be the aspect that most influences the elegance of the room. On the contrary, it can cause distraction and a lack of harmony.
Therefore, it is necessary to choose decorations that are appropriate to the type of furniture and its color, as well as with the color of the walls and the type of floors; the following is the tidy designer application suggests a number of decorations that add more elegance to the room:
1- When choosing quiet wall colors with modern furniture in calm colors, stereoscopic artwork can be used to decorate the walls.
2- Drawing of hollow wall paintings, such as line drawings or bohemian inscriptions, among the best drawings that increase the elegance of rooms, especially those rooms that are predominantly white and gray.
3- In buildings that do not overlook green areas, it would be nice to add joy to the living room by hanging pictures of trees or stunning landscapes.
4- When using furniture in dark colors, you can add joy to the room by decorating it with some ornamental trees; it gives the room vitality and relaxing energy.
5- For large areas, small tables of varying sizes can be used. They are used as decorative pieces to support empty spaces. They can be used individually and add a ceramic or vase piece to them or use the three side tables adjacent.
6- If the room’s decor is classic, then it is more appropriate to have valuable paintings with golden frames, and to add vases with traditional inscriptions.
7- To change the style of narrow rooms, an irregular layer can be added to one of the walls, such as shapes of thermal stones, cubes, or other forms that distract from narrow space, while preserving light colors that indicate the expansion of the space.
8- It will be necessary to choose lighting sources with attractive shapes. Narrow spaces need lighting sources in striking shapes, while large areas need elegant lighting units that give them an aesthetic look.
9- In narrow spaces, all furniture can be used more effectively, using sofas with open storage units, to use them for books and children’s play boxes, or to collect any small pieces.
10- The dining table can be used with drawers and storage units for dishes and table tools.
11- It is also possible to use mirrors for small rooms, as they suggest the expansion of the space, but be careful to direct them towards an empty space. If it is facing the dining table, for example, it will make the body more crowded.

Open Plan kitchens design
In this case, the kitchen is clearly visible with the living room or hall, unlike the Living room with a dining table design; it may be only the dining table without any visible part of the kitchen.
Here many details must be considered so that the Living room with dining table design and kitchen comes out in a consistent and harmonious way, and the tidy designer recommends choosing open kitchen designs according to the area:

Open kitchens for small spaces:
Small spaces require careful care and accuracy in choosing the size of each piece of furniture, and more is dependent on each piece that can be used for more than one purpose, this helps to eliminate external crowds and coordinate the place as close as possible.
Therefore, in open-plan kitchens, the separator between the kitchen and the hall can be used to place the dining table, or add a marble or wooden barrier between the kitchen and the hall to be used as a dining table, as this helps to reduce the number of pieces used, and thus allows easy movement in the narrow spaces.
Open kitchens for large spaces:
If large spaces give more freedom of movement, this does not necessarily mean freedom to choose a greater number of pieces of furniture, on the contrary, it is necessary to choose the pieces carefully in order to cover the area of the room and at the same time not make the place crowded.
And when choosing an open kitchen on the hall with modern designs, it will be very suitable for kitchens based on one wall, which is provided by a table or transverse storage units, as this fills the space and at the same time maintains the balance and harmony among the rest of the furniture.

Best ways to merge designs in small and large living room areas
Is the room small enough to accommodate your belongings? Is the room large and looks empty or disorganized with furniture? These conditions are very common especially if the home is new and there is no previous home planning experience.
So, the tidy designer will help you choose the best furniture for small and large spaces, as well as suggestions on merging old design with modern, to bring the final design in the best possible way.
But before choosing a design, you must first define your goal of design, and determine the decorative patterns appropriate to your taste, so that the design can be merged in an appropriate manner without exaggeration, and the most important elements that must be determined:
1- The size of the seats in the living room, and do you prefer large, thick, small, or solid seats?
2- The size of the dining table and the number of its seats, you may need many seats to receive guests, or a small number if it is a private house.
3- Determine the location of the TV and do you prefer it to be hung on the wall? Or is it inside a library or a set of shelves?
4- Determine your favorite décor. Is it classic? Or modern?
5- Determine your favorite colors, are they loud or quiet colors?
After determining the above, it will be easy to choose suitable merging methods, so the preferred pattern will prevail, while simple additions can be made from other patterns. Examples of this merging include the following:
Merging small space designs:
It is never recommended to follow classic patterns in small spaces, as classic furniture needs wide spaces, so classic pieces of modern decoration style, such as adding a decorative mural or adding a vase with traditional patterns can be merged.
Merging large space designs:
Large spaces give the designer a degree of freedom in merging designs, so the classic style can be merged with modern and vice versa, while maintaining empty spaces that highlight the value of each piece of furniture separately.

Living room design with dining table with tidy designer
And because this case needs great accuracy, the tidy designer can help in choosing a Living room with a dining table design that is appropriate for space, by entering the application and determining the area of the room, and the tidy designer will suggest you the appropriate designs for space.
But there must be some specific elements that must be added when starting to design on the application and this is necessary for the design to come out with the required accuracy:
1- Determine the spaces of the room accurately, including the height and number of the walls, and the size of the windows in the room.
2- Determine where to place the dining table and place the furniture in the living room.
3- Determine the approximate sizes of the dining table and furniture.
4- Specify the walls for decorating or placing paintings.
5- Determine the direction of the entrance to the room.
By entering all the required elements, the tidy designer can draw a Living room with a dining table design by the latest methods used in the design, and more than one design can be chosen as proposals for implementation, to choose the best from them.