Reception room designs – new designs


| 05/01/2022

The reception room designs receive a lot of attention when designing the home, as it is the place where visitors come from friends, relatives, or family.
And because the reception room design expresses the first impression of how sophisticated and tasteful the people of the home are, so the reception room designs must be the finest and latest colors and unique creative designs.
If you are going to design an interior design for the home, especially the reception rooms, you must choose sophisticated international modern decorations, and take into account the design the size of the home and the size of the room, and how to distribute the decorations and colors.

Interior home design with tidy designer

The reception room designs are linked to the general design of the home, and to reach a sophisticated design, the tidy designer offers you tips, solutions, and ideas for the different and attractive reception room designs.
Tidy designer below reviews reception room designs of various sizes, the design of a living room with a dining table, ideas for renewing a living room, as well as some important general advice for interior home design.

Reception room designs with different sizes

The Reception room designs either facing the door of the home or in one of the rooms next to it, it represents the space that welcomes guests.
Initially, you should place a focal point inside the reception room in order for it to be the focus of all those present, for example as a television, a view of a beautiful view, a fireplace, or others, and that point indicates the sophistication of the design.
From this point, the room will be divided, the furniture will be organized, and the decoration will be distributed, the focal point is not only the only influencing factor, but it also combines with many important factors that help produce a suitable space design.
But you must also consider organizing and arranging according to space because it imposes colors that can be used in the design, as there are two types:
– Narrow Reception Rooms
It is preferable to use light colors and avoid dark colors, as well as the use of cross lines or engraving on the walls with simple drawings.
Within that space, you can hang shelves on the wall and decorate it with quiet lights, and it is one of the methods that exploit the horizontal space in a distinctive way.
– Large Reception Rooms
In large reception rooms, it is advised to use soft colors with inlays with striking colors; the chosen colors should be consistent and harmonious with each other, which gives a feeling of calm and comfort.
In addition to making a library of gypsum board, the TV screen is attached to it with some and simple antiques.

Ideas to arrange and organize reception rooms

There are a lot of ideas that help improve the Reception room designs and give them unconventional elegance, and here are several ideas that can be used to arrange and organize the room:
1- Place the furniture should be distributed inside the room in a way that is consistent with the decoration, so that it does not become an obstacle or an inconvenience within the room, so do not stack the furniture in one place but must create space for freedom of movement and movement within the room.
2- It is possible to place the furniture table in the middle of the room above it with a vase filled with ornamental flowers of attractive colors in addition to placing decorative trees in the corners, which gives the room vitality and positive energy.
3- Lighting is one of the important elements that receive great attention in the Reception room designs. The lighting should cover all corners of the room, and you can use large lamps or circular windows.
4- You can use the gypsum board in the ceiling to distribute the lighting inside the room in a variety of colors, in addition to the presence of chandeliers, which give an aesthetic and shiny appearance.
5- While organizing the reception rooms, the paintings and frames should be distributed on the wall in an aesthetic way that matches the colors and decorations chosen for the room.
6- Flooring and carpets when the furniture is completely arranged in the room and there is only the middle of the room empty. The empty differences are measured and then a carpet is put in place. Preferably, the carpet is rather large until it covers all the spaces.
In the case of the large space, it is preferable that the maximum dimension of the carpet and the wall does not exceed 15 cm, the carpet colors should be consistent and appropriate with the chosen decoration colors.

Simple reception room décor

Many exaggerated designs in the reception rooms, so a tidy designer helps to obtain simple and elegant reception room designs at the same time.

The tidy designer here suggests some ideas to arrange and organize simple and elegant reception rooms decorations:
1- Making an engineering library with a gypsum board which will be the focus of attention of those sitting.
2- Exploiting all places and pillars by placing ornamental flowers of delightful colors.
3- Place a limited number of paintings and drawings on the wall so as not to overwhelm the color of the room.
4- It is preferable to place the furniture inside the reception room in a circular shape to suit it. It is also preferable that the furniture is not of a huge appearance.
5- Creating space inside the room is one of the important factors that depend on it in the reception room designs, as it gives comfort to look in addition to the freedom of movement.
And to get simple reception room decorations, you should avoid the appearance and save on antiques and accessories that you want to place inside the room. The lesson is not that there are many things but that there are valuable things that work to attract attention and then go along with the chosen designs and designs.
Ideas for decorating a reception room suitable for receiving guests
There are types of guests, including non-permanent ones such as friends and co-workers, and among them, permanent ones such as family and close relatives, and the second type can be received in reception rooms or even living rooms.
Therefore, it will be necessary to pay attention to the design of the living room as much as the attention given to the designs of the reception rooms for the guests, so tidy designer will present some suggestions that help in designing the room in a comfortable and elegant way:
1- Instead of being confused about the choice of colors and paint, you can cover the wall with wallpaper, from which many different shapes and colors are available, and it also saves a lot of time and effort.
2- While designing an interior home, do not rush to imitate ideas and decor used by anyone, as you must put your different artistic fingerprint through which you can dazzle everyone.
3- The designs of the living rooms must include some pieces of the accessory and the different decorations while changing some places from the reception rooms for the guests.
4- Using curtains with appropriate colors and designs, if you use one layer of curtains in the reception room, you can change and use two layers where you can design a different shape in it.
5 – Do not lose sight of the focal point that is the focus of attention of visitors, as mentioned before.
6- You can choose contrasting colors as one of the modern designs that are frequently used in this era, but you should consider the colors that are comfortable for the eye.
7- You can use gypsum board for many different purposes, as it can be used on the ceiling or on the wall, or to make an insulating wall inside the room, so there are many different shapes and drawings that give a wonderful and attractive look.

Living room design with dining table

Many resorts to merging the design of a living room with a dining table as it helps to make the most of the space possible, and owners of narrow homes used to resort to this in the past, but now it is among the priorities of any interior designer so that he can create a huge space inside the home.
It is also one of the advanced methods in design, so experts advise methods of merging between rooms, and here are several ideas that can be applied in the combination of large and narrow spaces:
1- The guest reception designs are based on merging the sitting or reception room with a dining table, which gives freedom of movement and gives you a feeling of the room.
2- When designing a living room with a dining table, consideration must be given to arranging the furniture in order to take advantage of all the spaces, and the furniture inside the reception room should be simple, especially in narrow houses, so as not to be an obstacle to walking inside the home.
3- If you want to have a large space and you have a small space in this case, we resort to the process of merging the living room with a dining table without any hindrance.
4- When designing kitchens next to the reception rooms, a wall section can be separated by an open square or semicircular shape, here, table chairs should be tightly distributed so that we place one chair under the wall section, and the rest of the chairs are distributed according to the type of table, preferably in a circular form.
5- Colors must be considered, so they can tend to light color, as they work to calm nerves such as cyan, pistachio, beige, or other colors that indicate luxury, originality, and modernity at the same time.
6- In large spaces, a living room with a dining table can be designed by separating them with a degree of the marble staircase. Here it is preferable that the dining table is in the shape of a large oval or rectangle in a size that suits the empty space.
7- When designing reception rooms next to the dining room here, we can resort to a wall partition or shelves on the sides with distinctive geometric figures that are open in the middle, so they give an aesthetic view.
8- Colors are a very important factor for small or large spaces, as there are colors that give a feeling of spaciousness and not only the colors of the wall, but also the furniture and dining colors.

Combining reception room designs with home interior designs

Good designs are not based solely on modernity and comfort, but also seek to provide all that is new while incorporating it with heritage designs. In European countries, we find a combination of modern and ancient decorations such as Gothic and Baroque styles.
In the Arab world, we find combining with details from the ancient Islamic and Arab heritage, so designs come out, in the end, simple and elegant at the same time, the right combining produces a kind of harmony, in order for the result to come out in the best way, some matters must be considered in the designs of the reception rooms based on the combining, and the most important of these are the following:
– Space: represents the main factor in decorations and designs, so all other details are connected to it, so it is necessary to think about how to optimize the illumination of the space, and how to provide the appropriate space that helps to move.
And also, how to use the entire upper and floor spaces, if you want to design reception rooms and your home with limited space you have all the appropriate details to expand the space as possible.
– Colors: Whether designing a reception room with a dining table or designing a single room you should choose the colors that feel comfortable, calm, and cheerful, with a tendency to light colors and inlaid with bright colors, and away from the dark colors that may cause nervousness and depression.
Every interior design of the home needs bright, glittering colors with warm or dark colors on one of the pillars that are located inside the home. It is preferable to keep away from multiple colors within one room while coordinating the colors with the pieces of furniture to complete harmony between all the contents of the home.
– Lighting: There is a harmonious relationship between colors and lighting, in which the strength of lighting depends on the chosen color; it is preferable to use circular windows over large lamps, as it helps you to distribute lighting inside the room in a distinct and easy to control.
If you are a fan of multi-color lighting, you can use small lamps of different colors. You can place them anywhere on the ceiling, inside the library shelves, or anywhere in the room.
Lighting works to show the interior design of the home, so it is of the utmost importance in the design, the lighting distribution in reception room designs depends on space and location as an element of the décor.
– Drawings and decoration: After choosing the colors and determining the places of lighting, the focus is on drawings and engravings on the walls, as well as antiques and antiques that are chosen inside the home.

You may have a problem choosing the appropriate graphics and decor for the reception room as well as the living rooms and others, here is also a tidy designer in choosing the best interior decoration for the homes; so that it creates an atmosphere of relaxation and calm through patterns, shapes, and drawings consistent.
Drawings and decor are important elements of interior design, as the designer develops multiple ideas for placing plants, accessories, and paintings in the room, so the house eventually becomes an integrated artwork.
– Distribution of furniture: As we mentioned before, the focal point must be determined, which must be the focus of attention of all visitors, and from it begins to distribute furniture inside the room considering the overall general shape and style.

Some important tips for interior home design

Design is a science that has its own basic rules in addition to creative artistic tasting, and it only came to maintain and practice that field which there are basic keys, and considering that you are with the tidy designer which has a choice, the following are some tips that help you reach the desired result:
– In homes that combine more than one style, the use of all styles should be equal, without affecting one style to the other.
– You can choose between the modern or classic style, thus avoiding the mistakes of combining the designs.
– Realizing how important it is to use colors and lighting and how to distribute them.
– Choosing colors that are harmonious and consistent with each other.
– Choosing the lighting that suits the decorations that will be implemented.
– Having an idea of how to distribute furniture and choosing its location, and not filling the space with any random pieces.
– Putting some plants inside the home in an ideal way, especially plants with wide leaves that suit all designs.
– The use of upper shelves helps you to use the upper space while distributing it in a consistent manner and this method is ideal for small space designs.
With the help of the ideas and proposals of a tidy designer, you can apply the reception room designs in every detail, so the end result is a classy elegant room and very comfortable.