Small Villas Gardens Design – Great ideas for villa garden arrangement


| 12/01/2022

Do you have a villa with a small courtyard and would like to design gardens of small villas suitable for your space? You can transform that space into a haven that contains unique designs and wonderful decorations that keep pace with the times.
And you can use this by tidy designer, as it provides you with the latest methods of Small Villas Gardens Design and great ideas to use every space.
Through tidy designer, you can apply the latest technology in advanced 2D / 3D home design in an easy way, as it brings out your creativity and makes you design your own home through its simple and modern methods.
Below we show you the most important information that you can use in designing the entrance to the exterior of the home, how to distribute the decorations inside the small courtyard, as well as the best designs for swimming pools for small villas all through the next words.

Small Villas Gardens Design with tidy designer

The tidy designer is the best that can help you in designing home gardens or design of the entrance to the exterior of the home, or other designs, as it gives you advice on how to distribute services and decor inside the gardens of small and large villas.
Each of us dreams that there is a garden in his home with a large space, which any modern ideas and designs can be applied, but for Small Villas Gardens Design, you should follow the following criteria to be able to apply a design appropriate to the space with the tidy designer:
• You should specify the space of the villa garden that you are seeking to design.
• Choose the decorations and designs you want inside the garden.
• If space does not accommodate everything you want, you should give up some of your needs and adhere to the factors and influences that give a shiny and attractive shape.
• Select a space to plant trees and plants within the garden, preferably choosing lush plants and trees with low maintenance costs, and cheerful colors.
• Lighting is one of the important and influencing factors in villa garden designs, as it highlights the place at its best.
• Choose creative and innovative designs that are in harmony with one another, the randomness of choice must be avoided.

When designing gardens for small villas, it should be borne in mind that space is the first factor in design, first determine the destination you want attention to, and make it a striking design. For example, a fountain, a landscape, a swimming pool, you should always look at the scenes that bring joy, comfort, and reassurance.
You can choose one of the various types of garden floors that show space more widely, to get rid of the small space of villas, which give it more elegance.

Types of garden floors

The garden of the villas is a source of comfort, joy, and pleasure in which you can spend the best times of evening and barbecue parties, as children play in it, and because each type of garden floor has its advantages and disadvantages, you must be comfortable with the accuracy in choosing the most appropriate.
If you do not have a background on the various types of garden floors, you can learn about the best garden floors below:
Concrete Floor of Garden Villas
The concrete floor has many advantages that make it suitable for any Small Villas Gardens Design, as it is solid, withstand climatic fluctuations, and their appearance is beautiful and widely used in the design of the entrance to the exterior of the home, and also you can form it in different shapes and in various colors.
Gravel Floor of Garden Villas
One of the best species that many prefer to use because of its many advantages, as it adds an attractive rural scenery and gravel works to absorb the water in an ideal way and helps to prevent the growth of weeds in the garden.
Wood Floor of Garden Villas
One of the most used species is that it gives an elegant creative look and is used to drain water during the rain or cleaning, and you can make a wooden break (wooden pergolas) with it.
Terracotta Floor of Garden Villas
This type has many features that are endless, it is a different design, unique and innovative, and it is also easy to clean, and can also be used as a facade for the home and this floor is a simple cost and is found in various shapes and colors.
Stones Floor of Garden Villas
It can be used in Small Villas Gardens Design and it is preferred to use them outdoors because of its various properties, so it has its distinctive texture and unique color, has resistance to external factors, a large size floor, but it is not preferred to be present in children’s play areas, as they may be injured from it.

Methods of arranging the gardens of small villas

Small Villas Gardens Design is better than villas with a large area, but a large area helps you increase the enjoyment facilities that can be provided in the garden.
Therefore, when designing gardens for small villas, you will have to focus on using any space to provide the largest number of facilities and designs in the garden. Here are several tips from a tidy designer that can be used in the design:
1- Make sure to choose garden furniture in small sizes so that it does not take up much space.
2- Choose plants with colorful colors that match the size of the garden.
3- Choose plants that are familiar with each other, and that do not need to separate them with a large area.
4- Avoid excessive decoration, drawings, and prefer to avoid complex geometric shapes.
5 – Considering the consistency and balance in the distribution of trees and flower beds, while making sure to plant them adjacent to the garden fence.
6- Distribute lighting in a way that suits the chosen decorations and designs.
7- Make the villa wall at the appropriate height to provide the most privacy.
8- Design the guard’s room next to the villa entrance, so that it does not take up more space inside the empty space in the garden.
9- Create a corridor from the villa door for the home, decorated on both sides, with lighting and ornamental trees, if it is of a limited size.
10- You can choose swimming pool designs for small villas that fit the space or rely on mobile pools.

Tidy designer art to arrange the gardens of small villas

Gardens arrangement is an art that must be done by a professional, in order to get a breathtaking view and feel the breadth of space, but if you want to arrange the garden on your own then you must consider many of the elements that gardeners care about.
The tidy designer shows you some important elements to consider in arranging the villas, including:
Study of space and area:
• The place of the garden is an important and fundamental factor in determining the types of plants that are grown, to distribute according to exposure to sunlight.
• There are some places that need small plants and a lack of interest in studying the place may cause the planting of trees that are not suitable for the size, which will lose the luster and beauty of the place design.
• Before arranging the Small Villas Gardens Design, you should choose the appropriate floor that matches the types of plants to form a garden that attracts people.
Increasing the cultivated space:
The cultivated space should occupy the largest percentage when designing villa gardens, even if they are small villas, as they reduce temperatures, and add a positive spirit that relaxes and increases the rate of oxygen.
Choose the right plants and flowers:
Choosing flowers and plants not just for the smell or shape, but choice is for several other factors, including:
• Suitable for soil type.
• It does not need periodic care.
• Fit to the design you want to apply.
• You should be familiar with the characteristics of all plants in order not to have to change them.
• You should choose the flowers and plants that live if possible.
• Considering the type of plant which there are desert plants, they are not seasonal, light plants, and shade plants; each of them has its own method of care.

Ways to design gardens for small villas

Designers emphasize the need to strike a balance in garden design, using a type of design that all elements and consistent with each other to produce the garden perfectly, and accordingly you must choose one of the following garden design methods:

First: engineering gardens
It is based on engineering planning, where it works on symmetrical balance and it is the easiest.
It depends on a group similar in color or variety distributed on a regular engineering basis.
For example, it is planted trees on both sides of equal length, and it is recommended to use them in small spaces.
Second: Natural gardens
Contrary to engineering gardens, it does not depend on engineering planning at all, and the balance in it is not required.
It requires more attention from engineering gardens in order to show their arrangement, so it does not directly depend on the straight lines in the coordination of plants.
It is not preferred to use this type because it is misused by some; it is preferred to use it in large spaces only.
Third: modern gardens
This type is a mix between the engineering gardens and the natural, as it eliminates the complex engineering lines and falls under the influence of nature, and this type is common among many designers.

Swimming pool designs suitable for small spaces

If you need to allocate space for the pool, there are a lot of instructions that designers emphasize the need to follow when designing gardens for small villas, the most important of which are the following:
• When designing pools for small villas, you should choose between rectangular or circular shapes, so there is no place for random shapes.
• The appropriate form is determined according to the location of the pool, and not according to desire.
• Provide comfortable sessions with chairs or chez lounge around the pool, so they are for resting times, not just when using the pool.
• You can use decorative elements around it from gravel or ornamental trees with lighting.

Guard’s Room Design in small villas

When designing a guard’s room, the room should be of a size appropriate to the size of the garden, but at the same time allow a person to reside without being constricted if he lives in it, in which case it would be better to design it next to the villa entrance.
If the guard is not a resident, it is enough that the room is in the form of a security booth, but it is necessary to keep the room away from the main entrance to the home and to be near the entrance to the garden.

Designing the entrance to the exterior of the home with simple ideas

Many of us do not know how to design the entrance to the exterior of the home, it is natural that such a task rests with the designer, but if you are going to design the entrance to the exterior home, you should avoid adding things that may negatively affect the design.
It is possible to add some designs and decorations that may cancel the aesthetic look of the home, so the tidy designer has presented some ideas that may help you in designing the entrance to the exterior of the home:
Use of stones on the walls with granite stairs:
The stones on the walls add elegance to your home, as they are prominent natural colors intertwined.
As for granite stairs, it has a slim appearance, is easy to clean, and it is also resistant to different weather conditions.
Use of hard metal with natural stone:
You can make a hard metal frame on the door of the home as it gives an attractive, rust-proof, easy-to-clean, and durable shine.
As for the use of natural stone for the entrance floor, it is suitable for its ability to withstand all factors of the external atmosphere. It is also a suitable design for the rural atmosphere that is like the homes of the European countryside.
Brick and stones ceiling with wood floor
Brick and stones ceiling are used in the design of the entrance to the exterior of the home, as it is used to crown the door of the house from the outside and is also suitable for designs taken from the European countryside.
As for the wooden floor, there are custom types of wood for the exterior design of the home, although it is the final touch in designing the home in the European countryside style, it is not preferred to use it as it needs periodic maintenance.
Upper terrace
The upper terrace forms a new and elegant look, but you must add some aesthetic touches, such as the colors used to paint the facade must be cheerful, and it is possible to use tall ornamental plants.
Green areas with stones:
One of the simple ideas presented by many designers as well as adding an aesthetic appearance, the stones are very in line with any design of small or large villa gardens.
Stones are used to create roads among the cultivated plants, to facilitate the walk among the crops without harming them.
Inspiring ideas for designing small gardens
The tidy designer offers many inspiring ideas that are used in designing small villa gardens for a sophisticated and attractive design:
Arrangement of a garden on the wall:
It is one of the best ideas that are used in small spaces, in which the gardens are vertical, so the small stepwise potted plants are used to fit the garden floor, and it is preferred to mix the leafy plants with ornamental flowers.
Small relaxation corner:
When arranging the gardens of a small villa, you do not need a lot of ornamental flowers, you can choose one of the pillars of the garden and place two species of plants with trees in small to medium sizes, and add a wooden bench and a table for relaxing next to them.
Gravel or earth coloring:
You can manipulate the colors of gravel, which are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. When you arrange colors and sizes with each other, you succeed in achieving an elegant appearance, and the design allows you to have some ornamental plants that carry attractive colors.
Classic and elegant design:
This design depends on the geometrical shapes, it is about creating harmony between flowers and stones, and it is possible to add crawling plants or a group of herbs that match the final shape.
How to implement the design of small villa gardens with tidy designer
When designing gardens for small villas, it will be necessary to study all of the aforementioned to determine all the elements that will be worked on when designing the garden with a tidy designer, and when starting the actual design it will be necessary to determine the following:
1- The private area of crops, with the distribution of places for planting plants, flowers, and trees.
2- Determine the pool area if it is necessary for you, or determine the space that can be exploited using mobile swimming pools.
3- Determine the area of the guard’s room and its place inside the garden.
4- Determine the colors chosen for the exterior of the house.
5- Determine the place of the home door and the size of the garden fence.
After that, the design tools provided by the tidy designer will be chosen through its website, which helps design gardens of small or large villas and design all the interior and exterior accessories of the home.