Special ideas for a small two-story house design


| 29/12/2021

The design of a small two-story house may be a good idea for those who have a small piece of land and want to double the size of the space, or who prefer to live in small spaces.
However, the two floors may not accommodate a large number of rooms, as there are small details that may take up a lot of home space such as the home entrance and the inner stairs, in which case a small two-story house must be designed and maintained every centimeter at the same time.
This can be done by looking for ideas that help make use of small spaces, as ideas can help design additional rooms with savings, which is what the art of taking up small spaces depends on.

A small two-story house design with a tidy designer

If you have never dealt with a tidy designer, it can be briefly defined as an application that helps you get a precise design of the space you want to exploit, the traditional design can be laid off and be totally relying on the application.
Only the actual space is displayed by accurately defining its measurements, using design tools to produce a suitable design, and more than one 3D model can be extracted for home design to choose the most appropriate.
In this regard, the tidy designer offers a range of tips to follow when designing a small two-story house:
1- Searching for the most space-saving alternatives is a must, the large furniture can be dispensed with against smaller pieces of furniture.
2- It is necessary to rely on all that can be used in a variety of ways, such as multi-use tables, or sofa beds,s and other multi-use items.
3- Using colors that help to expand the space, these pleasant colors give a feeling of space.
4- Relying on integrated room designs, such as an open-plan kitchen to the lounge, a dining room with a kitchen, and more.
5- Merging the balconies spaces with the inside of the house, and using the roof of the house as an alternative.

Applying the above, you have a suitable space for all items and indoor furniture, which will be arranged in accordance with the space to make use of any empty space to make it easier to move around in the house.

Great ideas for home design from inside and outside

When designing a small two-story house, an adjustable first plan should be made, a simple visualization of the exterior of the house as well as the layout of the rooms, a number of interior designs are then prepared for each room individually.
This helps to apply the design accurately when implementing in order for making no mistakes at the time of implementation, attention must be paid to the basic elements that the design of the home, both inside and outside, requires. The key elements are:
1- Determine the total space of the house, on which the rules and foundation are constructed, and the actual space of the walls of the house.
2- Design a 3D picture of the house including the place of the exterior decoration of the house and their sizes and identifying the locations of the doors and exterior windows.
3- Identify any additional decorations of the house from the outside such as stairs or perimeter fences.
4- Identify the number of internal rooms of the house with the space of each internal wall.
5- Locating the doors and inside windows, selecting their respective sizes.
6- Identify the use of each room and approximate distribution of items and furniture within each room is done.

Once all the details are identified, it will be easy to focus on the interior design of each room, so the implementation process will be easier.

Ideas for designing the home entrance from inside

The first rule in the interior entrance design is to have an indication of the interior design of the house, whether the design is classic, modern or mixed, the interior entrance design should include a sign of this.
-Classic entrance design: Classic style is a feature of spacious spaces, it is not in any way a small two-story house is designed in a classic design, but this style can be used for the reception room if it is attached to the entrance, the room and entrance are coordinated in the size of the furniture, the color of the walls and the floor.
-Modern entrance design: The modern style of the design fits very well into small spaces; it can be applied by using small inner stairs preferred without handrails, with white walls as a helpful factor in expanding the space, and of course, the entrance is not crowded with any furniture, only decoration on the walls such as paintings or hanging decorations can be added.
– Mixed entrance design: By combining classic with modern but in an acceptable way, for example, the inner stairs are made from wood, and the handrails are made from metal, with soft wall colors, a polished floor, and an overlapping color carpet, reflecting both classical and modern styles but consistently and without exaggeration.

Useful tips for designing small and attractive guest rooms

Narrow spaces are not necessarily less elegant than large spaces, but in stark contrast, narrow spaces can become very elegant if well designed and arranged. A small guest room can be designed more elegantly than a large room.
Here is a range of tips for designing a small, attractive, and comfortable guest room at the same time:
1- There is a rule that smaller pieces are the most elegant, and small pieces of furniture can actually be used, so there is no need to use plush and spacious seats in the guest rooms.
2- If you need a firewood heater in the room, it can be modernly designed, which is a glass-enclosed fireplace that gives the vaporizer a leak, while allowing furniture close to the fireplace to be placed without fear of heat.
3- Light colors are necessary and there is no room to change them in narrow spaces, but dark patterns can be added, or decorations in dark colors to make the room more attractive.
4- Use of color furnishings in line with the furniture but with white or wooden flooring to give a feeling of space.

When you design small guest rooms based on previous advice, you may be able to have an elegant, organized room with space to move.

Small living room design can accommodate a lot of items

Despite narrow spaces, the living room often has the most furniture in the house, especially if the number of the family is large. It is the room where the family spends most of their time in.
Because the living room has dazzling sessions and the reception of relatives or friends, so it needs adequate furniture and appropriate design, Small living rooms can therefore be designed using the following steps:
1- placing the largest piece of furniture “ sofa” based on the wall where a window is located, makes the room airy and the wall is well exploited at the same time.
2- Hanging the TV on the wall next to the room door allows for freedom of movement. If there are seats next to the door, they will block movement.
3- Placing one or two seats under the TV or making use of the space below it by placing a bookshop to collect books and objects.
4- Furniture must be attached to the wall to provide maximum space for movement.
5- Using an overheating or cooling system instead of moving devices.
6- Choice of colors to help improve room lighting and match furniture colors.
7- Choose carpets and curtains in warm or dark colors that are compatible, which withstand the constant movement of the room.
Designed in a small two-story house, the living room is better to open to another room like the dining room, removing the walls between the rooms increases the room to be exploited.

Under-stairs kitchens are designed to take advantage of space

considering the idea of designing kitchens under stairs is the best way to take advantage of the space under the stairs. Although it may be a small space, its use in a small kitchen design gives the home the opportunity to make use of the kitchen room for another use.
The kitchen design follows the basic design base of the small spaces, which is to rely on more than one thing, so the kitchen units are just below the staircase. They are gradually distributed in an upward direction.
A proper size front storage unit is used that does not obstruct movement in front of the kitchen. The unit is used for cooking and can be used as a dining table at the same time by adding outside seats in front of it.
Another idea that is frequently used when designing a small two-story house is to make use of the first floor as a single area, including the house entrance, the reception room for guests, and the kitchen. The kitchen can be left fully open with the table in front of it to be suitable for guests.

Small bathroom decor design
When designing a small two-story house, more than one bathroom in the house is necessary, especially if the ground floor is selected to welcome guests and the top floor for bedrooms and living areas.
In order for there to be a proper degree of privacy, the decor of the small bathrooms must be tailored to the two floors. The bathrooms can be designed to fit into a tight space by following these steps:
– Design a guest bathroom
Very simply the guest bathroom does not need a lot of space, it is enough to allow the space to move easily, with the basic pieces needed for the bathroom. But if you want to add a modern glimpse to the bathroom, you can do so but keep the bottom space in mind.
A storage unit can be added to save cleaning supplies but it is sideways or above the sink not below it so that movement is not obstructed. Hanging towels can be added and no need to use decorative objectives to put towels on.
Of course, the color of the floor and bathroom walls should be in the most comfortable and pleasant colors, in order to expand the space and reduce the feeling of lack of space.

– Design a private bathroom
To design a private bathroom in a narrow space, ventilation must be adequate, so when designing a small two-story house, it is best to have the private bathroom on the second floor so that it can be well ventilated.
It should be given as much space as possible. So that the basic pieces of the bathroom can be added with shower facilities of a good size too, and because it will be for the shower so ventilation is the most important art that the vapors do not concentrate inside the bathroom, which may cause choking.
As for the colors of the walls and the floor, it is also best to be in soft colors, as dark colors are influenced by vapors and have layers that are difficult to clean, and towels must be added within a closed top storage unit so that they are not also affected by vapors.

Bedroom design ideas for small spaces
No matter how narrow a bedroom is, it has to be comfortably designed and comfortable, as a feeling of no space has really caused insomnia during sleep, or being unable to be in the room for a long time.
Being among large pieces of furniture in a narrow space creates a choking and breathing feeling, so when designing a small two-story house the bedroom should be on the top floor to have a lot of natural light.
As to the design of the room itself and the way the furniture is organized and arranged can be done with the following tips:
1-whether the bed is for one or two people, a small size bed must be chosen, with small side units, and of course a small storage unit.
2- A large window must be designed into the largest walls of the room, give room good ventilation, and better enter natural light.
3- Using a simple dressing table will be ideal for a small space, but at the same time, they must have multiple drawers, to save as many accessories and simple purposes as possible.
4- A wardrobe can be shortened by being along the wall, but with a narrow length and width, this reduces the space and does not cause a feeling of choking in the room at the same time.
5- Some storage units can be added within the beds, as luggage and clothing are stored in them with a season exchange.
6- Bright lighting and vibrant colors should be appropriately distributed with the room so that the room can be comfortable, relaxed, and with zero stress.
7- There is no need to add a decoration to the ceiling such as drywall or colored light.

When designing in such a way, small bedrooms can be twice as large as the original size, and the above can be used in adult or children’s bedroom design, adding more pleasant colors to the
kids’ bedrooms.

Design great, comfortable roof sittings

The best thing to do when designing a small two-story house is to design distinctive rooftop sittings, as rooftop sittings are regarded as additional break rooms. At the same time, the balcony area can be used to be added to the rooms to expand the space.
At the same time, the roof of the house is an alternative to balconies and a more comfortable space, so it should be designed in a comfortable and pleasant shape, as it affects the rest of the house design, and great sittings can be designed with the following steps:
1- Define the surface space and then divide it into several sections including a sitting area, a plantation area, and a children’s play area.
2- The sitting area should be covered by a suitable thing that does not block the sun but provides a proper amount of privacy, such as wooden hanging ceilings.
3- The planting area gives the whole house clean air. Small trees, aromatic plants, and possibly leafy herbs can be cultivated for daily use.
4- The children’s play area should be covered with a child-friendly material that is suitable for baby toys, such as Astroturf or compressed foam.
Of course, furniture used in roof sittings should be made from materials that are sun-resistant, not affected by rain, and laundry materials can also be used.

Design a roof swimming pool

Owning a private home is a bright and shiny idea, there is no need to have large land in the center of which is a huge home to have a private pool and a special time inside the house. Today, when designing a small two-story house, it is common to make use of the roof to make the break, as we mentioned, while designing a rooftop swimming pool.
A rooftop area can be shortened to make a small swimming pool, with a top cover added to it for added privacy, so home-based residents have all the amenities despite its space, and this is best followed when designing a small two-story house.