The latest designs of Alumetal kitchens, Kitchens 2022 designs


| 09/12/2021

The latest designs of Alumetal kitchens, Kitchens 2022 designs

We searched for the opinions of experts in alumetal kitchen designs, wood, and other kitchen design materials to get to know the latest kitchen designs 2022 for those who want to renew their own kitchen or want to get a design appropriate for a specific space.

Below we will show you the best kitchen designs 2022, you can choose from, or you can apply it with the tidy designer by choosing the specified space, and you can also select the material “Alumetal” to get the latest alumetal kitchens designs for you.


Features of the latest designs of Alumetal kitchens

Previously, the most important feature of Alumetal kitchens was that they are easy to clean, so it can be easily cleaned and degreased by using different cleaning materials. This is in contrast to wood kitchens that cannot use strong cleaning materials.

At the same time, some people hesitate to choose the material of manufacture, especially since the wooden kitchens give a more elegant body, but today with the latest designs of alumetal kitchens, many people will not stand in front of choosing the most elegant ones, so the latest designs of alumetal kitchens are distinguished by the following:

1- Suitable for modern home decorations in terms of the ability to design them in any possible color, without linkage to the base color of Alumetal.

2- It suits kitchens designs 2022 in terms of suitability for use in open spaces in the living room or dining room.

3- Its materials have become different; there are degrees of quality whose elegance overcomes the elegance of wooden kitchens.

4- Its cost is still more suitable than wood kitchens, whose cost increases with the high quality of wood.

In the end, we can apply the latest designs of alumetal kitchens with the designer tidy designer, which displays initial and imaginary pictures of what the kitchen will look like when applying, and thus it is easy to undo the choice of the kitchen making material if it is not with the expected elegance.



Ways to design open plan kitchens

The process of choosing open-plan kitchens is one of the difficult choices that require great accuracy, as the open kitchen means that it will be an integral part of the home decor in the part in which it is located.

Consequently, the kitchen should have a quiet and elegant design, and that its design keeps all the tools inside, so that there is no clutter from the spread of utensils and kitchen appliances, especially if the kitchen is in a place close to the reception or living rooms.

As for the latest designs of alumetal kitchens, they will necessarily be according to the existing part of the walls. Some kitchen units must be adjacent to a wall, especially those where water connections are placed. The following are different designs that suit multiple needs:

Rectangular kitchen designs: The latest designs of alumetal kitchens are those that take the shape of a rectangle so that the basic units are in one sidewall that includes large storage units and in front of it is a short rectangular unit with a height of 60 to 100 cm. The width and length are only the sizes of the empty space.

The rectangular unit includes drawers for storing spoons, forks, and other quick-use tools, as the unit is used as a dining table at the same time.

American open kitchens designs: The usual type of American kitchen is the one that reduces the space between cooking and eating places, and it also needs more than one wall to contain the storage units.

The wall includes the storage units with places for electrical appliances, and there are no storage and presentation units in the middle so as not to impede the movement, and also fit in the case of a desire to preserve the rest of the kitchen walls, it suffices to have one wall that does not exist.

U-shaped kitchen design: This type of design fits a lot of tastes and spaces, so it can be designed for a place with one wall and even three walls, where the part where the bulk of the storage units are located is adjacent to the wall.

While the rest of the units are according to what is available from the walls, the rest of them can be adjacent to the walls and at a suitable height for use, or they are from a vacuum and a height of 60 to 100 cm.

Kitchens designs open to the living room: When thinking about designing kitchens of this type should be considered an integral part of the room decorations, the kitchen will be an integral part of the room.

The consistency of colors must be taken into account, and also the consistency of kitchen units, of course, there will be a need for multiple units to include all utensils and kitchen appliances, any designs of kitchens open to the living room must be abundant in storage units for the final body to be quiet and not dispersed.

Important tips when designing open-plan kitchens

When thinking about designing open-plan kitchens, a lot of things that are based on choosing the design must be taken into consideration, and we will address these matters so that the kitchen is suitable for use and there is no need to change it at a later time:

– The ventilation should be good in the place of the kitchen, not only that there is ventilation in front of it, but it is preferable to be sideways, especially adjacent to the stove, so even in the case of a strong extractor above the stove, this does not prevent the smell of food from leaking into the house.

– Drainage places and water connections must be compatible with the kitchen design, especially the washbasin and dishwasher connections, so there is no need to tear down or change kitchen units.

– Any partition must be placed between the open kitchen and the living room. The partition makes the place more arranged and coordinated. The partition can be a wooden partition, a dining table, or a large sofa whose back is facing the kitchen.

– The focus should be on reducing the number of storage units, so it cannot be overstated in an open kitchen, so any congestion with it will have an impact on the open space on it.



Open-plan kitchens design with the tidy designer

Finally, you can get the latest designs of open plan kitchens Alumetal with the designer tidy designer by defining the basic elements that the kitchen will guarantee, such as:

1- The number of walls available for kitchen units.

2- The number of the upper and lower storage units and the area of each.

3- The number of side or internal shelves.

4- The location of the stove, the refrigerator, and the electrical appliances.

5- The location of the dishwasher and water connections.

6- The location of the dining table or the internal food preparation unit.

With these elements, you can get the latest kitchen designs 2022, which will be suitable for your need, with a modern touch that gave the place a remarkable shine.



Best kitchen designs for small spaces

Small spaces were an impediment to keeping up with fashion and most of the decors were based on large spaces that allow the use of various designs in various shapes and colors.

Now small spaces do not cause any obstacle but have become a favorite among fans of simple and accurate arrangements, especially those who love to deal with multi-use things. Narrow spaces need this type, whether in-room arrangements, bathrooms, or kitchens.

So it will be necessary to search for kitchen designs for small spaces to suit the narrow place, which is already obtainable and at the same time be in keeping with the best designs for kitchens 2022, including the following:

– Designing kitchens under the stairs: There is a common type of modern house that consists of two floors with small areas, this type gives its owners the opportunity to isolate sleeping areas from living areas and receive guests.

Because narrow spaces need appropriate designs, the space under the stairs can be used to make a small kitchen, so the storage units in it are adjacent to the wall, and under the stairs are units suitable for the height of the stairs.

As for the dining table, it will be of the foldable type so that it can be used at the time of food, then combine it after food and place it in a side corner of the kitchen or living room.

Turkish kitchens design: Turkish kitchens are still proving to be the best for all spaces, those kitchens are based on the use of simple tools and utensils in small sizes, especially flat devices.

When designing Turkish kitchens, the stove will be within the kitchen units as well as the refrigerator, while the rest of the units will be in small sizes appropriate to space.

– American kitchens design: American kitchens are suitable for small spaces, allowing more ventilation for the kitchen, by using one of the walls as a ventilation outlet, while the rest of the walls will have kitchen units of appropriate sizes.

Of course, the kitchen with a small space may be open to the living room or reception room, and in this case, it is possible to rely on the quietest designs, it is not possible to multiply the drawers and storage units in an open space, but it will be necessary to shorten the kitchen units to the lowest possible number.


Important tips when choosing kitchen designs for small spaces

It can be more complicated to choose the latest designs for alumetal kitchens in small spaces than choosing designs for large spaces, for large spaces do not need more than placing the basic elements of the kitchen in suitable places for them.

As for kitchen designs for small spaces, the confusion becomes about the number of basic elements that can be used in the narrow space, so the designer tidy designer has prepared for you a set of tips that can help you in choosing a suitable space design:

1- Choosing the ideal storage units: The storage units, drawers, and shelves are the cornerstone of narrow kitchens, as space does not allow the use of units dedicated to each purpose, so it is necessary to search for more storage units and drawers that accommodate many tools and at the same time do not take much space.

2- Choosing a design with limited parts: In small spaces, exaggerated designs are not allowed, it is sufficient for the kitchen design to include a basic storage unit adjacent to the wall, and the use of lower storage units topped by shelves or small storage units to expand the space and not feel the suffocation.

3- Using strong lighting: Many people prefer open kitchens because they are high-lighting, whether natural in the morning or abnormal, but if the kitchens are narrow, strong lighting sources can be used as they work to break the feeling of suffocation, and give the narrow space a feeling of roominess.

4- Using of bright colors: It is known that bright colors give a feeling of the breadth of the space, so it will be appropriate to choose a bright and cheerful color for the kitchen, whether the color is for the kitchen units or the walls themselves, and with strong lighting, the narrow kitchen will become very cheerful.

5- Dependence on folding equipment: Narrow kitchens are the undisputed need for folding equipment, but rather need to design special equipment that facilitates movement in narrow kitchens.

a small dining table can be designed that extends the position of the food and becomes adjacent to the wall after it is raised, as well as a table for cutting vegetables, which can be placed on top of the washbasin, and raises after use to become adjacent to the wall and so in anything that can be converted into flooding.



Dining room design with Alumetal kitchens

There is another type of people who prefer kitchens with wide and closed spaces at the same time, as the area includes the kitchen with all its contents of cabinets and electrical appliances in addition to the dining table.

This type first searches for a dining room design, then begins to define spaces suitable for the kitchen and an appropriate area for the table, whether on the side or in the middle, then begins the choice between designs of alumetal or wood kitchens according to what suits the taste and use.

Important tips when designing a dining room

Because the design of kitchens is an integral part of the interior design of homes, the tidy designer was interested in offering the most important tips that help in choosing a distinctive design for closed or open kitchens that includes the dining space

1- You must consider the accuracy in choosing the colors of the kitchen and dining table, the feeling of the harmony of colors increases the joy of the place, and thus the times of eating become more enjoyable.

2- Whether the kitchen space is wide or narrow, it will be necessary to choose a kitchen design with limited width, so that the width of the kitchen units will not be more than 60 cm, for the movement to be easier.

3- If the dining room and kitchen are in one open space, the dining table can be part of the kitchen design, such as tables in the middle of the kitchen, which can be divided into a dining area and a food preparation area.

4- You should choose a dining table that is suitable for long-term use and suitable for the size of the kitchen at the same time so that there is no need to change one of them with the increase in the number of family members or the time of reception of guests.

5- It is possible to rely on simple wooden tables with wooden benches for easy movement.

6- It is preferable to use easy-to-clean dining tables, as they may be affected by fumes and the kitchen temperature, so you need to clean constantly.

7- It will be necessary for the dining room to include a large window to feed the room with the necessary ventilation.


Kitchen design application

Many prefer to use the kitchen design application for the iPhone, as it helps them to implement the ideas that roam their thoughts, and indeed, through kitchen design applications, a 3D kitchen design can be obtained.

So, all aspects of the kitchen are visible and the idea is applied similarly to reality, which can be done using the designer application tidy designer, it puts in front of the user all the options to obtain a workable design.



Features of the tidy designer application

Do you suffer from the need to make any changes to your home décor? Have trouble with designers about these modifications? Did you choose a design and did not find it suitable for your use after its application?

If you encounter any of these problems, you can simply overcome them with one step, which is to subscribe to the designer tidy designer application; it is not just a smart application that helps you to choose the latest designs of Alumetal kitchens or other designs only.

It is more than just a traditional designer, it offers suggestions and advice on any design that you want to get, through the multiple options that it offers you, and allows you to change the design more than once until you get a satisfactory result.

All this and more with a very modest subscription value, so the application allows you to make any changes, and get a copy for each design to choose the best design in the end.